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Fuckin' Hell!!!

2008-08-28 17:53:49 by BUggAT

DAMN!!! I'm goin' crazy!!!
The program I used to record ma trax doesn't work for 3 month!!! I hate this!
It feels like being without voice or head!!!

These are my bad newz...

Good newz:
I think, I know, who can gimme another program to rec my trax.
There's much stuff to do (projectz: Ghetto MuziX, Project ApheX, DeadLiNe, TecHniX and Ghetto MuziX II).
So I'm busy...
I hope to get this damn program!!!
Or can anyone help me?

by BUgg

PS: Enjoy ma MuziX aka HipHop, Techno and Mixxx out of these two ;)


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